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Hypertufa in my Garden

Many avid gardeners search for fun and easy ways to make our gardens and yards look spectacular. Using hypertufa offers imaginative gardeners a great variety of ways to express themselves in the most original, artistic way. Who wouldn't want to create their own pots? How about original pieces of garden art? Perhaps stepping stones? Hypertufa makes all that possible.

So, what is Hypertufa?

Hypertufa is a kind of artificial stone. You can make it by mixing sand, peat, various volcanic aggregates, and cement. It's lighter than stone and concrete and no matter how cold the winter is, or how hot the summer, if properly prepared, hypertufa is freeze and melt proof.

How can I make Hypertufa?

There are several ways to make hypertufa (see the link below). What they all have in common is that they are made by mixing horticultural perlite, peat moss, and Portland cement in a plastic tub. How lightweight it is depends on how many parts of each ingredient you use.

Your basic mixture consists of three parts perlite, three parts peat moss, and two parts Portland cement.

A super lightweight option would be three parts by of Portland cement, four parts of peat moss and four parts of perlite.

Mix the dry ingredients together with enough water to form cement that looks like wet cottage cheese.

More detailed directions how to make hypertufa pots and original hypertufa art can be found in Claudia's book!

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For much for detailed information, ideas and recipes for great Hypertufa pots, troughs and other garden art you should check out Claudia's great Hypertufa guide!

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